Safeguarding Children

Attending a child protection case conference

For many people a child protection case conference is the first time they have to address a safeguarding issue in a formal setting. We can help staff prepare for attending case conferences or any multi-agency safeguarding meeting.
Our course entitled Using Multi-agency meetings to safeguard children addresses;

Process issues:
•When to present my information
•Disagreeing with others
• Understanding the thresholds
• Legal issues
• Time issues

Content issues:
•Saying difficult things
•Ensuring balance
•Using the wrong words
•Knowing what is relevant
•Being criticised
•Breaching confidentiality

Personal issues:
•Being less experienced than others
•Making a mistake
•Making it worse
•Being scared of repercussions

Chair’s responsibilities:
•Explaining process
•Checking accuracy of information
•Ensuring all can participate freely
•Summing up relevant information
•Explaining threshold
•Achieving consensus or majority decision
•Drawing out minority views

Your responsiblities:
•Providing all potentially relevant information
•Sharing the content of your report, with parents, in advance
•Being open to new information
•Formulating an opinion based on available information
•Contributing to protection plan
•Liaising with colleagues