Content of essential safeguarding training

Working Together 2010 identified 8 levels of staff in relation to safeguarding.

Level 1
•Safeguarding continuum
•What is child abuse and neglect?
•Signs and indicators of abuse and neglect.
•Issues in educational settings
•Normal child development.
•Maintaining a child focus.
•What to do in response to concerns.

Level 2
•Documentation and sharing of information regarding concerns.
•Using the Framework for the Assessment of Children in Need and their Families: CAF
•Own safeguarding roles and responsibilities

Level 3
•Working together to identify, assess and meet the needs of children where there are safeguarding concerns.
•Impact of parenting issues, such as, such as domestic abuse, substance misuse on parenting capacity.
•Recognising the importance of family history and
•Working with children and family members, including addressing lack of co-operation and superficial compliance within the context of role.
•Section 47, roles, responsibilities and collaborative practice.
•Using professional judgements re. significant harm.
•Taking emergency action.
•Working with complexity.
•Communicating with children/interviewing vulnerable witness guidance.


Designated lead training

Ensure familiarity with the above, specifically;

  • Understand assessment process for providing early help
  • Have working knowledge of child protection case conferences and be able to attend and contribute effectively when required
  • Ensure each member of staff has access to and understands child protection policy and procedures, especially new and part time staff
  • Be alert to needs of children in need, those with special educational needs and young carers
  • Be able to keep detailed, accurate, secure written records of concerns and referrals
  • Obtain access to resources and attend any relevant or refresher training courses
  • Encourage culture among staff of listening to children and taking account of their wishes and feelings
  • Are able to create an environment to enable staff to carry out their responsibilities