How it works for Nurses

General information for Nurseries booking training

Times and breaks

Generally, I start at 9-9.30 and finish by 3.30- 4.00 but I can arrange the times to suit and normally I would suggest a half hour lunch break to accommodate an earlier finish. Depending on the location, I would suggest staff is encouraged to bring lunch. There will be breaks both morning and afternoon so access to tea/ coffee facilities would be good.


I need access to a laptop and a projector plus a flip chart stand.  I can provide a laptop and a projector my own, but I need to charge for insurance cover. I will bring flip chart paper and felt pens. Additionally, we need either a screen or a bare wall onto which to project the power point. Please let me know if an extension lead is required.


I normally deliver the programme below unless alternative topics are negotiated. Allegations training is a specialist topic and a detailed understanding of the procedures is not necessary for the majority of staff.

The overall aim of safeguarding for nursery staff would be to provide an overview of child protection issues –specifically participants will be helped to:

  • Identify the signs and symptoms of child abuse.
  • Examine their value base and importance of professional judgement in child protection work, with particular reference to anti –oppressive/ discriminatory practice.
  • Consider respective roles in Child Protection work.
  • Reflect on the implications of working in partnership.
  • Explore the process of referral.
  • Consider issues of consent and confidentiality.
  • Identify areas for further training.


The basic programme would include:

  • What is abuse? – Historical and cultural issues
  • Signs and symptoms of abuse
  • What to do if a child makes a disclosure
  • What happens when you make a referral
  • Nursery staff involvement in the Safeguarding continuum
  • Safer working practices / legislative framework-
  • Promoting Resilience
  • Summary/ questions and evaluation

Nursery cropped

Although much of the content is mandatory there is scope to tailor the programme to your settings needs.


I would email you the hand-out materials in advance of the session for printing for each person (or you may prefer to post a copy on your computer system so everyone can access it). Generally those that want take notes on their hand-outs so pens are useful.

Register and Nursery certificate

You should keep a register of who has attended for your records. All staff working with children and/or families needs re-fresher training every three years, designated safeguarding leads every two years.

I will also send an evaluation form template (unless you have your own), as it is useful to keep these as evidence of the impact of training for Ofsted. It is a heavy day as the content, of necessity, is painful at times- so it is good to have something nice planned for the evening.