Voluntary Sector

Participants comments


“Well paced , facilitator very knowledgeable and interesting to listen to. Enjoyed that it was geared to our role as hospital social workers and not statutory social workers.”
“Really enjoyed facilitators overall presentation. Involved everyone. Informative but able to reflect and useful to reflect on practice. Interesting, informative and helped to reflect.”
“Very good , informative, shared experience from practice, Engaged participation. Very well presented training input.”
“Very good presentation from Daphne who comes with a lot of experience and good illustrations of actual practice. Delighted to have this training in Glasgow and not having to travel.”
“Presentation was thought provoking and helpful for work. Relevant to our line of work. Threshold exercise really good. Good opportunities for individual learning from group discussion. Good course.” “I really enjoyed Daphne’s style of presentation. Can see why you do the job you do. Would be very interested in some further work around Serious Case Reviews. I hope we get the opportunity to work with you again in the future.”
“Case study and threshold exercise made you think outside the box and gave you food for thought.”
“All sessions were helpful . Threshold exercise particularly good, made me think/ reflect on my practice – Impact on the child.”
National children’s cancer charity Glasgow 18th July 2014

“Going over the basics about adults at risk –  something I have not had any training on before. It was also really useful to look at the safeguarding continuum and how and when to make referrals. Updates and changes in Care guidance also really useful.”
“I found the information on adult safeguarding procedures and responsibilities in line with the Care Act 2014 really beneficial. Along with the identified abuse categories for adults.”
“This was run really well – there was a lot of information to get across and it was done really well. The tasks were really useful and thought provoking, rather than feeling like they were just being done to vary the day a bit! Really useful power point and content was spot on.”The course was brilliantly delivered. Daphne was extremely knowledgeable and I felt I got a good overview of children and adult’s safeguarding- great course ”
Wide spectrum covered at a relevant , appropriate pace. Tutor clearly had extensive and comprehensive knowledge of subject.”    Comments from participants working with both children and young adults 9th January and 8th May 2015

”Excellent, informative, active participation.”
”The facilitator was very knowledgeable. The course was engaging and informative. I never got bored, which is rare! The facilitator was fantastic”
”Excellent and well informed. Felt I was part of a course rather than just at a lecture”
”It has reminded me not to feel awkward and uncomfortable about asking awkward questions. Maybe at some point I can make a difference by pushing a point- brilliantly presented with appropriate case studies.”
”Very good, clear and explained things really well. Made everything understandable and kept it interesting . A very useful course.”  Whole school inset safeguarding 7th May 2015

”It was really wonderful having Daphne McKenna come to our nursery to deliver her Safeguarding Training programme. With her wealth of knowledge and years of experience, Daphne really knows how to communicate with all Staff to ensure her training is fully understood. Explaining why we take the steps that we do to protect the children in our care, really clarified the importance of every aspect of Safeguarding. Her examples of different scenarios as a practical task, gave us the opportunity to think fast and make decisions. Thanks again Daphne…you are amazing! ” Manager  Early years practitioners safeguarding Levels 1-2 13th April 2015

“It was a very long day but it went very quickly because I found it very interesting and fun (exercises) ,stimulating, information was helpful with professional and private life. Thank you very much.”
“Interactive, interesting, definitely increased my awareness of role/ procedures.”
“I found this course very interesting and well structured. Daphne did a brilliant job, holding all our concentration – thank you very much, knowledgeable and inspirational.”
“Excellent presentation, interactive and very informative- will recommend my colleagues attend the course.”
“Excellent, well paced, good information, useful and funny.”
“Excellent, engaging. The right amount of interactive learning as well as more directed learning.”
“The take home message is ‘the impact on the child/ raise concerns and share information.”
“Was very well run and very organised. I found it very interesting and was glad I had a chance to do the course. Very well structured and the different uses of resources were utilised.” Health GP Level 2 Safeguarding  11st of January 2012

“Very informative regarding legislation and direction in relation to multi-agencies, interesting scenarios and stories.”
“Very good tutor, very informative and extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic- this approach makes it easier to learn.”
“Trainer was very interesting and informative.”
“A thorough course, excellent facilitator, enabled me to relate to personal experiences.” LCSB Multi-agency audience 27th January 2012

“Presentation was excellent, softly spoken, had no difficulty in understanding information, activities good, my attention was held at all times. Helped me put a lot of thoughts into perspective.”
“Daphne gave very clear explanations and the course was clearly constructed. There was a lot of information given- all of it useful and thought provoking. Although pace was fast Daphne gave time for questions and comments and this enabled space for clarification- an interesting day.”
“I feel I learnt a lot from this course. It has shown me not to assume but to use my own personal knowledge and my job to find out what it is all about. The presentation and the use of props helped me to take in info more than just taking notes and listening.”
“Very interesting, very informed and well presented. Very practical information, ideas and solutions- could give lots of examples based on own experience. Would have been lovely to have more time as the course was so good.”
“I found this training to be very helpful. It was a good re-fresher on the subject. I found the group activities to be a good way to gain an awareness of other professionals ideas and experiences.”
“Presentation was excellent, delivered confidently and at a good pace, allowing reflection and questions. I feel this training is the best I have had on Safeguarding in  10 years.  LCSB Multi-agency audience 22nd February 2010