Child Protection

For many schools a child protection case conference is the first time a safeguarding issue comes to the fore. We help you react and prepare if that is the case.

We often help organise the school’s response to a child protection case conference. These are common concerns we deal with:

Process issues

·      When to present my information
·      Disagreeing with others
·      Understanding the thresholds
·      Legal issues
·      Time issues

Content issues

·       Saying difficult things
·       Ensuring balance
·       Using the wrong words
·       Knowing what is relevant
·       Being criticised
·       Breaching confidentiality


Personal issues

·       Being less experienced than others
·       Making a mistake
·       Making it worse
·       Being scared of repercussions

Child Protection

Chair is responsible for:

·       Exclusions
·       Explaining process
·       Checking accuracy of information
·       Ensuring all can participate freely
·       Summing up relevant information
·       Explaining threshold
·       Achieving consensus or majority decision
·       Drawing out minority views


You are responsible for:

·       Providing all potentially relevant information
·       Sharing the content of your report, with parents, in advance
·       Being open to new information
·       Formulating an opinion based on available information
·       Contributing to protection plan
·       Liaising with colleagues